To increase the exposure of Nizoral, a highly effective anti-dandruff shampoo, we partnered with scalp expert Stephanie Sey, to educate the audience on the triggers, causes, myths and queries surrounding scalp conditions.
Centred around the topic of dandruff triggers, we used balloons that contained common triggers written on tickets and confetti to symbolically visualise the falling of dry skin. This concept helped to break down the content in an informative non-convoluted manner, making for a more entertaining and educational piece of content.
Once the concept had been signed off, we produced a storyboard that detailed the sequence which needed to be captured as well as a rough guide to how the video would be cut. The storyboard was also used as a reference on location to brief the director of photography and cast.
Whilst on the shoot, my responsibility was to oversee the production which involved dressing the set, capturing B-roll footage and giving the expert direction. Post-production I briefed the editor on how we wanted the video to be cut and provided the onscreen graphics.

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