Insync designs and manufactures high-end bikes for all the family at affordable prices. Our job was to create an intuitive user experience so that finding and buying the right bike could be done with ease.
This working prototype was an early iteration of the redesign, helping to guide the client on the user flow as well as the look and feel. By creating this prototype in Marvel, myself and the client were able to address any issues with the experience, that could be rectified before going into development.
The use of stock photography lacked brand personality and was too generic to fit into the contemporary style of the rejuvenated brand. To rectify this we planned a photography shoot so that we could create our own style for the brand. We chose bohemian Mancunian locations and gave the models a contemporary look and feel. You can read a more detailed overview of how we transformed their brand imagery here
When discussing the project's challenges with the client, one significant problem that became apparent was that bikes were being returned not for their quality but because of being the wrong size. To resolve this we wanted to make sure there was plenty of accessible information for the user so that when selecting the size, the user could be reassured it was right. 
Firstly we created a help hub section that had informative content to help guide the user or whom the user was buying on behalf of to be educated on their purchase. The second and more significant tool we created was the size guide. As most users were more familiar with their height rather than what frame size they needed, we created a component that was featured on the product details page, that displayed what frame size the user needed by simply selecting their height.
You can see the live site at www.insyncbikes.com

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