Below is a concise summary of the process we took to create a bank of lifestyle led imagery produced for Manchester-based bike company, Insync, whom produce affordable bikes for all the family.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, we kept the crew to a minimum, casting a younger, stylish working professional who used cycling to be more conscientious about the environment and explore their surroundings as a hobby. For the urban locations, we used a mixture of natural clothing materials with earth tones to give the models an organic contemporary style, whereas with the park locations we used more practical cycling apparel.
Eco-friendly products such as reusable water bottles were used in the styling to promote a more responsible lifestyle. We also used props to demonstrate bike features such as the commuter's satchel which can be fastened to the back of the bike.
When choosing the locations we had to be mindful of showcasing the variety of categories, Insync bikes cover. This meant choosing areas that could facilitate off-road adventures to family-friendly rides. We also wanted an urban environment that could support the contemporary aesthetic of the bikes.
The casting, styling, props, and location were then brought together in the form of a shot list that I used to aid the direction of the photographer, Olivier Richomme

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